La mia parte razionale mi chiedeva di attendere qualche giorno per aspettare i feedback in rete prima di aggiornare il sistema operativo alla veriosione 10.5, ma come resistere? Anche se sono entusiasta di Leopard, soprattutto delle nuove funzionalità del finder e della visualizzazione dei file stile iTunes (cover flow), ora mi tocca fare i conti con i primi malfunzionamenti e con qualche software non ancora compatibile. Se stai pensando di fare il grande passo, dai prima un occhiata qui:

Sul sito Tevac c’è la lista dei malfunzionamenti e incompatibilità: schermate blu con blocco totale, impossibilita’ di effettuare il login, problemi con l’audio, problemi di accesso ai dati dei dischi di rete, problemi con X11.

Su MacRumors c’è la lista delle applicazioni non compatibili con Leopard:

Applicazioni con problemi maggiori

  • Acidsearch
  • Adobe CS3 – links to a pdf where Adobe outlines what will work and what won’t (Acrobat and video apps have issues as does Lightroom)
  • AlchemyTV – A fix will be coming, but no timetable for it
  • Alien Skin – Photoshop Plugins that crash Photoshop under Leopard; fix expected week of November 19th
  • AOL Crashes when attempting to edit Preferences
  • Apple Aperture should not be run at the same time as Time Machine. Potentially dire consequences. (Does Aperture update 1.5.6 fix this?)
  • AppZapper
  • Azureus Conflicts with airport driver ( In Core2Duo Macbook Pro 802.11N card) causing kernel panic
  • BOINC Link to discussion about Leopard incompatibility. Code change required.
  • Candybar – will be compatible in v3.0
  • Cisco VPN (Requires reinstall if Archive+Install used, also requires
  • Cocktail – update coming soon.
  • Crossover – some dispute over whether this works or not, see forum thread
  • DevonThink Pro Office – may or may not work; see *here
  • Digital Performer 5.12 runs, but some functions don’t work properly
  • DiskWarrior – potential for some compatibility issues (click link for details)
  • Fan Control – does not increase fan speeds.
  • Filemaker Pro 9 – free Leopard update will be out on Nov 19th for FMP and FMP Adv., though not for server. Based on some user reports, versions 6 to 8.5 crash on Leopard if used in non US-English, Instant Web Publishing doesn’t work
  • [ la lista continua...]

  • (Version 2.2.11 only), GIMP-2.4-rc3-intel will launch
  • GPGMail – Author has acknowledged the issue; a fix is in the works.
  • GroupCal – SnerdWare have no idea when this will be updated for Leopard compatibility at this time, something to do with libraries they need being shipped PPC-only in the developer seeds so they haven’t been able to work on it at all.
  • Various Growl Plugins – growlnotify, GrowlMail, GrowlTunes etc do not work.
  • HttpMail
  • HoudahSpot 1.5 – HoudahSpot 2.0 will be a free upgrade for registered users. HoudahSpot 1.5 is now freeware for Tiger users.
  • iGTD – iCal sync problems
  • iCal Event’s Widget Does not work under Leopard. Widget displays blank screen and seems to freeze you cannot get the “i” to show up to change any settings.
  • InsomniaX – Legacy version on websites download list will function on Leopard
  • Intech Hi-Cap driver – Not possible until Apple makes some provisions in Leopard
  • iPhoto Keyword Manager – No SIMBL or Input Manager support in Leopard so it doesn’t work.
  • iScroll2 Possible temporary workaround here
  • jgrasp
  • Last FM client Opens multiple instances, randomly crashes, stays crashed in background (despite no dock icon appearing), will not load into menu bar, will not detect music playing (scrobbling). The old version of AudioScrobbler seems to work fine in Leopard, and will allow you to scrobble your tracks as normal.
  • mFurc (game) Fills stack and crashes on load. Update due soon.
  • Mail Act-On (Mail plugin) Doesn’t load, like all other Mail plugins.
  • Mail.appetizer (Mail Plugin)
  • Mail Unread Bundle
  • Mercury Messenger – Transparency causes application crash, no spaces compatibility.
  • MissingSync – Compatibility update available soon.
  • Nokia Multimedia Transfer – Application does not load
  • Onyx
  • One Finger Snap
  • Papers – Leopard compatibility coming in v1.5.
  • PathFinder – known issues; developer working on it
  • PeerGuardian 1.4.2 – Application closes upon launch. Widget will run.
  • Piclens – Safari Plugin, does not show up.
  • PithHelmet
  • Popcorn
  • Protools
  • Postfix Enabler replaced with Mail Server for Leopard
  • QuickBooks Pro 2007 for Macupdate coming on 31OCT2007
  • Saft Leopard version is out, and works, but slightly differently than previous versions. Developer plans update soon. [[1]]
  • Shapeshifter
  • Shrook RSS Reader
  • Sogudi (Safari plugin)
  • Sidetrack
  • Songbird
  • SRS iWOW “iWOW does not currently work with Leopard. We are working on a resolution to this issue and expect to provide an update.”
  • SuperDuper! – free update due ASAP after the devs get hold of the final retail copy.
  • Synergy – (keyboard & mouse sharing, NOT the iTunes controller) Uses 10.2.8 SDK and a lot of calls that are deprecated. Refuses to even start. Recompiling from in Xcode 3 does NOT fix. Compiling raw UNIX source does NOT fix. Update: SynergyKM DOES work under Leopard. But the Sourceforge project needs some serious TLC.
  • Tech Tool Pro
  • Teleport teleport pr4 does not work on Leopard, and a new version 1.0 compatible with the new OSX is coming in a few days.
  • ToolPlayer – crashes, version 0.3 should fix it when it comes out.
  • Unity (game development system) – Unity games (standalone and web) run fine, but Unity 2.0 editor has problems/crashes for some. An update with Leopard support is being prepared (a beta version is available on request). Unity 1.x compatibility is unclear.
  • UNO – Apple script error, then ’10.5 found, UNO will now exit’ message.
  • Ventrilo – works but some features disabled
  • VirtualBox Beta 2 – Application stops working upon launch.
  • Volume Logic For iTunes – Support Has been dropped
  • VPN Tracker – Update coming soon.
  • Window Shade
  • Xee (Fullscreen doesn’t work)
  • Xtorrent – display of WebKit-based browser content and torrent download status fails; frequent crashes, too
  • Yahoo Widget engine/Konfabulator – Author has acknowledged the issue; a fix is in the works.
  • ZBrush – Application does not work.
  • Safari Extender – Contextual menu appears but doesn’t allow tab sets to be created
  • (Excluding, at least, Movie Collector following installer update) – So far the Collectorz series of software is not compatible with Leopard. A reply on their forums states they are looking into it.


Applicazioni con problemi minori

  • Flex Builder – You will need to reinstall the Flash debugger to get it to work.
  • Adium – Some contact images get distorted, borderless contact list sometimes acts weird with Spaces. Sporadic issues with MSN accounts.
  • World of Warcraft – Playing the game in a windowed mode will lag Expose, didn’t happen in Tiger. Polygon glitches when using Spaces.
  • GIMP-2.4-rc3-intel will launch, but has multiple X11 icons appear on launch.
  • Perian Coverflow is slow.
  • Motion 3 – may require a reinstall. If you receive an Ozone Plugin error, uninstall Motion 3 and reinstall. Some users have reported no errors after Leopard update.
  • VersionTracker Pro – some problems auto-installing updated apps, but overall VTP works fine
  • Microsoft Office 2004 – windows get glitchy when used with Spaces.

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