Tun3r è un portale che permette la ricerca di più di 1400 web-radio (con possibilità di selezionare lingua e genere) mediante un’interfaccia originale e di semplice utilizzo che ricorda i vecchi sintonizzatori radio.

Altre info dal sito ufficiale:

How It Works
This is a portal for Internet radio (MP3/Ogg/etc streaming sites). These would have been called broadcasters back in the radio days.
* Our system searchs the Internet looking for streams.
* A short sample of their music or content is collected.
* Their homepage is used to generate a small free ad (automatically).
* The ad is placed on our ‘dial’ and the audio sample is instantly accessible to anyone who cares to listen.
* We also search the homepage of the stream so you can search for particular types of music directly.
* Space on the dial is available for rent to advertisers.

How to Use it
Just drag the orange needle around looking for interesting things to listen to. You can also click directly anywhere to zip right to that spot.
Below the ‘dial’, the current station’s title is updated immediately, and the audio you hear will ‘tune’ into the audio sample we collected. After a short delay, more information about the stream and its homepage will be shown, along with a thumbnail of the homepage itself.
Follow the links to see the actual website, and to connect to the live stream.

* All our searching is automated, so it does not always associate the correct homepage with a stream.
* Our audio samples are always out of date compared to what the station is current playing. You’ll have to connect directly to them to hear more.
* Click on the play or stop button to start and stop audio generated by our system.
* You will need a broadband internet connection (ie. high-speed) to enjoy the music from our site. Because of its low-latency, realtime nature, it is more sensitive to network lag and delays.

Keyboard Shortcuts
B — Boss mode (quickly shows a harmless screen). Any click to return.
R — Pick a random station.
N or Space — Next station in order.
Up/Down/Left/Right — Move needle by one cell.

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